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softVNS 4.5 real time video processing and tracking software for Max5

News Updates

Development of softVNS continues. While things have been quiet, development never ceases, as these tools are my own preferred palette. softVNS 5 beta is coming soon: Max 6 compatible, full integration with MaxMSP attributes, a new and improved solution to v.regions-type mapping, a bunch of new and improved objects, smooth HD movie playback, HD movie capture, and kinect tools.

softVNS 4.5 beta 9a download
(softVNS 4.5 is for Max5 only and Intel only)

softVNS 3 download (Max 4.5 PPC)
(This version of softVNS 3 is for Max4.5 only and PowerPC only)

softVNS 3 download (Max 4.6 PPC)
(This version of softVNS 3 is for Max4.6 only and PowerPC only)

softVNS 4.5 is about 90% complete (compared to softNVS 3 (PowerPC). Several tracking objects have not yet been fully translated. These include, most particularly, v.track and v.blobs. v.regions is functional but region drawing by hand is not yet ready.

softVNS 4.5 is a set of external objects for Max5 that allows you to process video in real-time.


- Extremely fast!
All functions are coded for SSE. This results in at least 4 x the processing speed of scalar code. And video can be processed in YUV mode as well as RGB. YUV yields twice the performance of rgb with no visible loss of quality. Add the two up and you get up to 8 times the video performance. (Note: softVNS does not speed up quicktime movie access itself). SoftVNS 4.5 includes a parallel set of GPU based objects that can further speed up processing if your machine has a powerful graphics chip. In addition, there is a set of 3d rendering objects for creating dynamic 3d models.

- Very Stable
softVNS 4.5 has been in use in interactive video installations in its beta form over the past 2 years. Some of these are permanent exhibits that have been running all day every day for well over a year without downtime.

- 640 x 480 video capabilities
With the right digitizer, softVNS 4.5 can process 640 x 480 yuv colour images in real-time at 30 frames per second. (Depends of course on the complexity of the processing you are applying to the video stream).

- works with jitter (compatibility objects included)

You can buy softVNS 4.5 using a credit card at

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